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Utah offers many remedies for those seeking to expunge their Utah criminal record. Since 9/11 over 70% of employers are performing background checks on job applicants. This makes life tough if you have a criminal record. There are a number of options to expunge your criminal record, but you should always ensure that you are choosing a qualified and specialized expungement attorney. You can't trust just anyone with your future, so we've compiled some information that will help you expunge your Utah Criminal record.

Expunge Utah ArrestHaving a criminal record prevents you from obtaining certain jobs, prevents you from getting credit, takes away your voting rights, and from obtaining specialized licenses (ie: real estate, contractor license, nursing, medical licenses and many other professions.) Expunging or sealing your criminal record will help you put your past behind you so you can start living again. Eligibility test provided by site's sponsor, Higbee & Associates.

Free Utah Expungement Eligibility Test

To see if you are eligible for expungement in Utah we recommend taking the free eligibility test available from the link above. It is a quick way to see if your record is eligible for expungement. The test also displays the average costs for different types of expungement. Entering your email at the beginning of the will allow you to check multiple cases for expungement eligibility and return to the site to reference your results.

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